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Aluminum Powder Coated Furniture Collection
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DescriptionMaterial & Finishes

Suave is simple and futuristic collection for the new era design with tiny sledge frame legs for deep and comfortable seating. The quality mix of different materials creates a elegant design to suit the diverse range of luxury exteriors.

Suave Collection is made of high quality outdoor sling on edge frames to emanates the warmth that sling has to offer. The frames are built with aluminium powder coated to get the protection and smooth finish, and the upholstery uses high quality outdoor fabrics to get the cozy feeling and comfortable seating.

Suave comes in 2 seater left and right sofa, single seater with and without arms, ottoman to create a sofa bed and coffee table. Suave collection can be mixed with coffee tables with HPL or teak material to create a unique and beautiful outdoor lounge seating.

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