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From a concept to functional solutions to completion, Triconville delivers empowering service with personalized support throughout the project.
Whether to modify the Triconville product line, or bringing in Custom furniture designs, our design process has attention to create value of the products to delight your customers. To achieve excellence in quality and service we make sure custom hospitality furniture goes through our R&D section to evaluate the product benchmark and standards. Once a design is approved, the designers work closely with the manufacturing team at our factory to achieve the product. In addition, all the products from material selection to packaging, go through Quality Control phase, which includes tests, rigorous approval to ensure customer satisfaction.

1. Project Requirements


Project Requirements

The initial phase of the project is crucial, and requires special attention, this begins with our sales and designers team collaborating with you to understand your vision and goals. Architects, interior Designers, Purchasers and clients are welcome to have meetings and discussions about the product discovery. In this way, their expectations can be met.

  • Inquire about or help to establish an approximate timeline

  • Identify any special requirement

  • Acquire or develop a floor plan of your available spaces

2. Conceptualization



This phase of the project cycle, brings the concept on paper, technical information is discussed and evaluatied with the clients through drawings,floor maps, alternative proposals for materials and components.

  • 3D models or rendering

  • Furniture Layout

  • Concept Visualization

3. Mockup Production and Evaluation


Mockup Production and Evaluation

Designers, marketing and R&D team collaborate to develop mock-up, to evaluate and finalize the products before going to production . During this phase structural engineering, mechanical layout, and trim details are evaluated. We meet with the clients, designers for prototype inspection/review to provide feedbacks and recommendations.

  • Detailed construction drawings, specifications and finish books

  • Assembly procedures for all items are made with the traceability and timespan to monitor work in progress

4. Manufacturing Production and Project Plan


Manufacturing Production and Project Plan

This phase defines the production and project timeline development from production to packing to delivery to installment. The sales team review orders for approval approval to ensure order accuracy and meet project deadlines.

  • Review submittals and material orders

  • Regular site visits with Owner and Contractor to review the work

  • Additional sketches or specifications upon request of contractor

  • Creation of BOM (Bill of materials) for each individual items

  • Order management through ERP systems

5. Manufacturing Production and Project Plan


Manufacturing Production and Project Plan

Multiple production lines are placed in the manufacturing plant with necessary infrastructure, efficient workforce and materials to carry out Triconville Contract Projects in an efficient manner for customers who appreciate quality materials and precise craftsmanship.

  • Quality Construction and assurance standards

  • CNC machinery and effective methods to increase scalability and save time

6. Quality Control


Quality Control

We have trained quality control team to perform quality assurance to ensure that products are delivered with the high-quality standards set by Triconville. We are committed to give you the best version of the product. Each product's material, construction, moisture content and finish is checked with detail and attention.
The product is checked during the manufacturing process to check the material quality, apply proper manufacturing techniques and methods.

  • Manufacturing testing ensures product stress and color conformance

  • ERP system to report quality defects or potential issues of the products being tested

  • Product control Process to check the output product are consistent and within the specification for the product designed

7. Quality Control


Quality Control

Triconville has proven methods of Packaging that are efficient and sustainable to eliminate product damage in transit. All packaging methods meet or exceed the specifications of national freight carrier and ocean freight carrier standards. We use high grade of wrapping materials to keep the product safe.
The furnishing are delivered to the site. The dedicated installation team assembles all the products as per manuals. The lead installer will be on-site throughout all phases of the installation.

  • Execute Installation plan

  • Final Inspection after installment

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