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Dexa Aluminum Outdoor


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Dexa Aluminum Outdoor impresses everyone with beautiful proportions. Leave all worries by the door, have some time off by lounging on the classic-theme sofa collection. This new sofa series expertly combines the sling fabric and aluminum material. Added with special teak wood accent on the armrest.

Dexa highlights the feature of beige aluminum, it delivers sophisticated statement that instantly modernizes the appearance of your home. The aluminum frame, which is resistant to corrosion, making it lighter and easier to move around despite its dimension. The sling textile of batyline, that graces the seat and backrest, promoting optimum comfort of seating experience. Great comfort is promoted by the ergonomic angle of the back seat. It goes in harmony with the splayed back legs. In addition, the teakwood accent on the armrest put delicate charm to the whole construction.

Undoubtedly, a noteworthy addition to decor themes ranging from modern layout to vintage theme environment.

Material & Finishes

Olive Green

White Pearl

Canvas Beige

Copacobana 082

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