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Does Triconville sell to Retail Customer?

Do you provide Private Label manufacturing services and what are the conditions?

I am an Internal Designer /Architect /Project Manager currently working for Hotels / Residential Projects. Can you assist me with project Manager?

Does Triconville take custom orders?

Does the furniture come assembled or will I need to put it together?

Where can I find the dimensions of a piece of furniture?

What is weathered resistant outdoor finish?

Are your Cushions Waterproof?

Are factory tours available for potential buyers?

Where is your Factory and corporate office located?

Is your furniture ready to ship via any courier service like UPS, TNT or Fdx?

Which port Triconville ships from?

How do I pay for my order?


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 Triconville warrants that its products are free of any manufacturing or material defect. As a dealer you are entitled to ask for any replacement part or product which you might receive by any odd reason within ONE YEAR from the date of delivery.

  • Triconville cannot be held responsible for damages within the container or due to improper handling or storage.
  • On client-designed, Contract custom-made furniture, we cannot always guarantee the furniture performance and, as such, all custom designs should be carefully considered BY CLIENT prior to manufacture.
  • Massively thick/heavy furniture items are likely to experience natural cracking. All knock-down items will come with assembly instructions, fixings and we will provide touch-up kits with all large orders, to help the installers on site deal with any scratches, marks, etc.

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