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Material Description

Our upholstery fabric is chosen to protect your relaxation in open space with easy maintenance. For this reason they must be very resistant to respond optimally to the action of exposure to sun, rain and snow.

The fabric is designed to be highly water resistant, so no water can enter into the cushion filling itself. Excellent color fastness to light, the color will stay beautiful for a long time. At the same time, it is also soil & stain repellent, anti bacterial, anti mildew and UV resistance.

Every upholstery design provides you excellent choice for value, durability and comfort. Combined with quick dry foam underneath, any spillage will not stay. The foam manufactured having large open pores which have revolutionised the use of outdoor cushions. By allowing maximum drainage of water from the cushion, this maximises air circulation to assist in the quick drying process.


Ocean Blue

Mountain Grey

White Pearl

Dark Taupe


Maintenance & Care

cushions separately from furniture to prevent possible transfer of moisture..

spills with a clean, dry cloth.

The fabrics with lukewarm water and line dried or tumble-dried with gentle or no heat. It is necessary not to use of harsh cleaners and abrasives. For stubborn stains, mix one part bleach and two parts wate

Avoid ironing olefin as heat
will damage the fabric. Hang dry the fabric and it will keep the wrinkles away.

For stubborn stains, mix one part bleach and two parts water.

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