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Premium Brushed Teak Material

Outdoor Furniture Premium Weathered Brushed Teak
Premium Weathered Teak Material
Premium Weathered Teak Material

Premium Brushed Teak 

- An Outdoor Furniture material by Triconville

Triconville has introduced new outdoor material named after the weathered finish that is a natural teak with a weathered gray finish. This premium brushed teak material is created using multiple processes from oil blocking to PU color coating to glazing and so on. This finish features dramatic and refined hues that set it apart, giving it a hairline crack and grains which makes it unique and beautiful.

Inspired by the rich tones found in nature, our Premium Brushed teak material designs are set apart by the time and care we put into their creation.  

Triconville’s long awaiting premium Brushed teak material have released with Altarra, Diero, Helio and Zilart collections. All the four collections are exclusively designed for outdoor use by multiprocess PU layers in finishing touch that protects from ocean environment and extreme weather.

Check out the Premium Brushed teak material, the finishes, and collections it has to offer.

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