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Triconville Cabana Collection : New Release


Triconville Cabanas 

- New collection release by Triconville 

Triconville proudly presents Cabana collection. The amazing aluminum-framed shade is now able to adapt to different uses and environments: residence, resorts, landscapes, coastlines, hills, and so on. Cabana is the perfect choice for you to lounge outdoor by the pool or your personal outdoor space. 

Cabana differs a little from ordinary patios. The architecture is much more luxurious. Rather than a simple shade, Cabana presented more refined construction with a well-thought design. The interplay of materials, shapes, and colors gives life to contemporary outdoor cabanas, where architecture and ambiance complement each other. We take time to choose the material to make outdoor furniture high durable.

This collection is an affordable, versatile, and attractive solution to increase the outdoor space needs with a wide range of uses. Not only limited to comfortable daybed use, but can also be used as an ideal space for meditation, tea room, outdoor dining, or perhaps a pool party. Comes in four sizes: L, L-double, XL, and XL-double, Cabana accommodates your outdoor activities with a cool shade from sunlight and heavy rain.

Check out the collection here Cabanas - designed for ultimate relaxation



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