Triconville Contract Division

OEM or Private label business needs a strong production lines, capability, engineering and manufacturing support? In answer to this Triconville has an active 10 production lines all scheduled with ERPs to meet the demands of our clients. Our professional R&D and manufacturing staff has the web-based communication to the ground level Craftsmen’s, workers in real time.

Quality, Time, Value, Service: These are the four capabilities to our business model. We have high quality assurance standards at every stage of the production. Each product is quality checked by our experienced and highly motivated quality control staff during production and packaging process. In addition, the efficiency of CNC machining, powder coating process and other machines have expanded our elasticity to even more.

If needed, we can give our own designs, material selection, production line, logistics and packaging or Perhaps you are a new ventures or established company, and want to try out your designs, Let's sit-down. Discuss. Create a strategy development, make prototype, and go through manufacturing testing. In addition, printing boxes, packaging and logos can be customized as per the buyer’s preferences. What do you say?


OEM Capability

Our professional staff, well-equipped manufacturing plants and material selection allows us to have the capability to design and manufacture a wide range of new products in accordance to our customers' requirements. We also provide customized logos, packaging and designs services for our clients, also provides a competitive edge.