About Us

We have been making outdoor furniture elements and accessories since 2003.

Our expertise is based on a deep knowledge of craftsmanship, and is at the origin of our manufacturing skill. Our design stems from a constant comparison with the most evolved stylistic scenarios, as befits a brand deeply rooted in contemporary desires.

vision and mission

Triconville Vision and Mission

Mission : At Triconville our mission is simple, to make your outdoor living better. A group of passionate people striving hard to bring quality furniture to reshape your outdoor life.

Vision : In line with cutting-edge design trends, Triconville manufactures furniture that is beautiful yet functional, versatile products, for outdoors. And all combined in an excellence that guides Triconville towards new solutions for the world of architecture and hospitality projects.

Triconville’s History

When group of friends established Triconville in Indonesia, in 2003, it was a positive feedback and quality compliment offered by dealers an traders that helped in the establishment.

Triconville was born with a simple reason, a shortage of high quality furniture in the market. Triconville company decided to fulfill the demand, and improve the manufacturing process and practices to reach the level of comfort and quality.