Founders Statement

We have achieved success through consistency and investment in products and people. Growing, changing and innovating are the qualities that have distinguished Triconville. We as a company are continually inspired to embrace new ideas.


- Live a wonderful outdoor life with Triconville

At Triconville our mission is simple, to make your outdoor living better. A group of passionate people striving hard to bring quality furniture to reshape your outdoor life.

This mission statement reflects our desire for the future. This is the mantra that drives us in everything that we do. From design through fulfillment, we continuously strive to provide the best quality by the best service in the industry. One of Triconville’s greatest assets is its people. Years of determination and hard work have helped to establish the competitive manufacturing position the company holds today. Careful attention is paid to scale, proportion and ornamental detail of each product. Delivering high quality fashionable furniture to you is our aim and we compromise nothing to attain this objective. Triconville provides expertise and quality in the manufacturing of each product, and Strategies each product to pass through all the standards of production. The management of Triconville works hard to provide high volumes and flexibility to custom furniture. Our strategies are simple towards designers, the designer gets what he wants; truly customized furniture with their preferences from edge to edge. Triconville adheres to values of trust, commitment and loyalty. The management aims to create an environment where people are encouraged to act in a responsible way, work hard, built friends and to be a part of a working family. And customers and business partners are encouraged to contribute towards responsible business practices with long term sustainable benefits.

Management Statement
Our focus with the management team at Triconville Company is to provide our employees with supportive, training and development and to create an environment of high performance where people can achieve their personal and company goals. Our top management is responsible for consistency, growth, innovation that have distinguish Triconville across the globe. It defines the long-term strategy of our company. We as a company are continually inspired to embrace new ideas. And while we are always looking forward to what is next, our past in firmly rooted in the traditional. We’ll never forget the value of simple, functional and comfortable appropriate designs done perfectly well. The Triconville team provides a guarantee that only high-grade materials, best practices and strategies are used in production – meeting all requirements – and that every piece of furniture has passed strict quality control.

With the direction and Knowledge of the board of Directors throughout the years, Triconville will create a very successful operation that focus on expanding R&D, adding new CNC machinery and materials to enable new collections. In addition, the company will invest in people, to employ people with passion, people who are experts in their fields, who can contribute in meaningful ways and who can identify with the company’s values and mission.