Our Initiative Towards Sustainability; Introducing KUNO

Our Initiative Towards Sustainability; Introducing KUNO
Our Initiative Towards Sustainability; Introducing KUNO


With issues of environmental degradation, depleting resources, and irreversible climate change plaguing the earth, it is our go along to keep the earth. With pleasure we are introduce; KUNO. Our initiative towards sustainability.

Developed thinking about the environment, Kuno collections are all entirely made of certified, solid reclaimed teak wood of high quality, sourced from century-old houses from remote villages in Java.

As an effort to sustain the environment, we only used Reclaimed wood as the main materials for KUNO. It is important to conserve what has already been bestowed to us. We don’t cut the trees down, but we got them from an old house, with the help of our skilled craftsmen, they are able to transform them into timeless furniture. Every step of the process is carried out with the greatest care. Rough, irregular, and imperfection are the characters that have beautiful stories inside, making every piece of furniture unique and slightly different from the next. Defect or injured wood is not a bad thing. On the other hand we considered that defected wood has magnificent historical objects. In the end, our goal is to revive the second life of the wood to create a greener tomorrow. So, welcome to our journey with Kuno.

“Every piece of Reclaimed teak furniture has its own character and structure, giving a strong character and history.”

Durability to last a lifetime and more

As teak ages, it turns to a lovely silver-gray as its oils build up, making the teak resistant to decay and termites.

The beauty that is preserved overtime

Reclaimed teak is a wood that nurtures any space, its natural oils give it a luster and richness that gets better over time.

Environment Friendly

We don’t cut the trees down, but we got them from an old house to revive the old wood into something new.


Modular Configuration


Made exclusively from reclaimed teak, this spacious dining table draws inspiration from vintage theme. It is the ideal for outdoor dining table because it is able to withstand any weather.

  • Solid reclaimed teak material
  • Powder-coated aluminum base, resist rust, corrosion, and mildew
  • Durability: weather resistant; water resistant; mold/mildew resistant, UV resistant
Modular Configuration


Rae appears simple and straightforward but a closer look reveals the level of craftsmanship in the intricate qualities and clever designs. Ideal spot to entertain and lounge outdoors in comfort.

  • Premium grade reclaimed teak
  • Olefin fabric cushion, resists stains, fading, and mildew
  • Very solid and durable, suitable for any outdoor use
  • Configurable in various combinations
  • Quick Dry Foam
Modular Configuration


Neva is built on a passion for details, Neva coffee table is ready to serve refreshments for your outdoor living. The bar table is compact for a compact area, and offers a special appeal for conversation over a tea in the balcony or poolside garden.

  • Powder-coated aluminum frame
  • Premium grade reclaimed teak
  • Very solid and durable, suitable for any outdoor use
  • Cushion with 100% acrylic
  • Quick Dry Foam


Monaco comes in all-weather wicker in a classic shape, highly durable against outdoor furniture and fade resistant. Durable base from reclaimed teak, it is remarkably constructed to last a lifetime.

  • All-weather synthetic wicker, remarkably resistant to sun & rain, fade resistant
  • Solid teakwood base
  • Removable cushion with different options
  • Safe to be left outside all seasons with no particular maintenance requirement
Modular Configuration


Oscar is built from reclaimed teak wood and hyacinth woven fiber and offering organic living concept introduces a new style of outdoor decoration. It will bring you a timeless collection of outdoor furniture.

  • Premium grade reclaimed teak
  • Hyacinth wicker
  • Removable cushion padded in outdoor foam, covered in your choice of olefin fabric
Modular Configuration


Clio coffee table is earthy with a weather worn look expressed through the reclaimed teak. Beautifully organic, this collection commands your attention and makes a bold style statement in the best ways.

  • Premium grade reclaimed teak
  • Beautiful distinctive grain patterns, different hue for different slats
Modular Configuration

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