Triconville OEM Division

From a concept to functional solutions to completion, Triconville delivers empowering service with personalized support throughout the project. Whether to modify the Triconville product line, or bringing in Custom furniture designs, our design process has attention to create value of the products to delight your customers. To achieve excellence in quality and service we make sure custom hospitality furniture goes through our R&D section to evaluate the product benchmark and standards. Once a design is approved, the designers work closely with the manufacturing team at our factory to achieve the product. In addition, all the products from material selection to packaging, go through Quality Control phase, which includes tests, rigorous approval to ensure customer satisfaction.


1. Discovery



Customize or create you’ll find a broad portfolio of in-line products offered by triconville with countless opportunities for customization. We can involve modification of an existing product or formulation of an entirely new product that satisfies your want.
We work with designers, interior designers to interpret vision and add value structural recommendations and cost saving suggestions.Our design and R&D teams can develop your ideas from concept to prototype to final product.


2. Product Development


Product Development

This phase involves iteration of processes to build the right product as per the requirements. The product goes through design, engineering, material selection, prototype and quality control phases to evaluate the durability and features of the product.
The product will be ready for inspection and feedback from the clients. Once the product detailed construction drawings, specifications and finish books will be reviewed and finalized, the product will be ready for production.


3. Manufacturing



We provide Triconville Manufacturing support for number of clients throughout the world. We excel at communicating with partners, supported by technology that makes drawings, schedules, and other information available in real time. Triconville will have a separate production line to handle the OEM products with scalability. Whether it’s a complete product or component parts, we can deliver high -quality goods that help you increase efficiency or shorten lead times.
Custom-made solutions are the rule for Triconville, a design approach based on an advanced production method that can meet customisation demands of professionals specialised in the OEM sector.


4. Logistics Support


Logistics Support

We as a partner will help you in logistics support, by stocking your large volumes of finished goods in triconville warehouse, managed by triconville. Therefore keeping the stock ready will help our alliance partners to handle the demands in long run. Custom packaging, logos are finalized as per the client preferences.

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